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Home Care Services

Personal Care

Handley Care Services provides personal care whilst promoting independence where ever possible. Personal care can include assistance with:-

  • bathing or showering 

  • incontinence care (or assistance with toileting) 

  • dressing and undressing 

  • eating and drinking 

  • meal preparation 

  • moving and handling 

  • overal general care 

  • nail care 

Meal Preparation 

Assistance with meal preparation is done so by promoting choice, independence and meeting the nutritional needs of the individual.


Handley Care Services provides assistance with prompts to take medication, ordering prescriptions, taking your medication, collecting prescriptions and working with your pharmacist or GP. 

Sitting Service 

We provide a sitting service in the comfort of your own home which provides companionship and comfort.


Handley Care Services work with other agencies and professionals to continue to rehabilitate individuals in the community.


Community Access 

We enable individuals to access leisure, educational, social and employment opportunities in the community. 



Cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping etc



Assistance is provided with paying bills and budgeting 


Supported living 

Handley care services specialises in supported living projects in the community for adults with learning and physical disabilities.

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